Reye's Syndrome & Risperdal Side Effects

Reye's Syndrome

Reye's Syndrome is a rare but serious disease that most often affects children 6 to 12 years old. It seems to be related to the use of aspirin to treat some viral illnesses, such as chickenpox. Reye's syndrome primarily targets the brain and liver, and usually follows a viral infection. Drowsiness, confusion, seizures, coma, can happen, and in severe cases death may result.

Risperdal patients are not often in the targeted age demographic of individuals thought to be impacted by Reye’s Syndrome. However, more and more doctors are giving off-label prescriptions to children affected by Autism, a disorder where limited communication skills and general physical characteristics of drowsiness and confusion can mask the on-set of Reye’s Syndrome. Unfortunately, misdiagnosis in this case can prove life-threatening.

Considering the limited communication abilities of affected individuals, due diligence by both doctors and care-givers is of utmost importance. Risperdal is an effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions, but in this instance it can also mask a potentially life-threatening affliction if not monitored correctly. If you feel that your child’s health has been jeopardized by Risperdal, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Risperdal attorney today.

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Did you know: Reye's syndrome primarily targets the brain and liver, and usually follows a viral infection.