Risperdal and Hemorrhages

Risperdal and Hemorrhages

If Risperdal usage leads to a blood clot, the results can be catastrophic. An undetected blood clot will eventually create enough pressure to cause the vessel in which it is located to burst, or hemorrhage. This event causes blood to spill into the cranial cavity and immediately impact the function and production of brain cells. Hemorrhages have immediate and drastic effects on the human body, and can prove fatal, depending on the amount of blood loss.

These kinds of potentially fatal health complications are potentially fatal, and Risperdal users should not have to take such risks with their health. If you have suffered because of your Risperdal usage or if you know someone who has, make sure to contact an attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation for your physical and emotional struggle.

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This page contains information about Risperdal and Hemorrhages. Seek medical help if you start to hemorrhage.